Important Things To Know To Help You Live With Mental Illness

Mental Illness isn't as taboo to talk about since the pandemic started and that's definitely a step forward in the right direction. However, mental illness is still a huge part of peoples life and it's a very hard journey to navigate-- especially when the topic is still something many people don't understand. I have been …


My struggle, your struggle- our strength

Can I be honest? Sometimes I get too tired for hope. Some days I don’t think I have any authority to tell you things will get better because I so badly need someone to tell me that too. Sometimes I'm at a standstill wondering who or what will help me get through the day. Sometimes …

How To Explain Bipolar To Someone Who Doesn’t Have It

We owe it to them to try and explain what's going on in our head and why our behavior is different at times. Let's do our best to explain Bipolar in a way that's easier to understand. 

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